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Our goal is to come up with innovative ideas and products that can help businesses all over the world. To do that, we fully dedicate ourselves to the core of our business - Research & Development. We are currently focusing on our latest product, Aeromax Starlite. After a successful trial period of selling our Mirror in a Can products, we are happy to announce that the formulations for all the Mirror in a Can applications are now available for purchase. If you're interested in buying these formulations, please get in touch.



Aeromax is a chrome replacement system that has successfully been in the marketplace for 7 years. The system has full EU and Hong Kong patents, with the USA and Canada pending. 




Mirror In A Can is a water based mirror finish that allows users to circumvent traditional costly mirror processes. It creates a perfect mirror finish with high quality reflection. 



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Aeromax Starlite is our newest product that is currently under development. The product is a heat dispersion system that is able to withstand temperatures of up to 10,000°C.



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Mirror Coatings was founded in 2012 by Adam Robertson-Young as a specialised Powder Coating and Coating's company. We have built the company's profile with the core values of quality, price and prompt delivery. Our work portfolio over the years has been diverse, working on projects for Lotus Cars, Aston Martin, VW, Renault, Sizewell A and B, remote controlled submersibles for sub sea exploration, Aircraft components for the Messerschmitt ME 109E and advised on coatings for Portland Down. In 2002 we patented a revolutionary Chrome paint system. The system has full EU and Hong Kong patents, with the USA and Canada pending. We have had some of the world's largest corporations visit our small factory. Enquiries have come from Russia, China, the US and Australia. Our coating work has also been featured in magazines in the UK, US and the EU. All Research and Development has been funded by ourselves. 

Recent Research and Development has recently born fruit to our mirror in a can product. This has been developed with one of our patented formulations.  It has has been designed to achieve a perfect reflecting mirror finish on glass, plastic and other materials.  It can be applied with ease on any size, without the expense and inconvenience of traditional methods such as vacuum metallisation and silver nitrate coatings. 

The next stage include a revolutionary coating for solar panels and a heat resistant plastic coating able to withstand temperatures up to 10,000°C.  


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